Out of Balance 2

$ 1,800.00

  • Encaustic on birch panel in gold-trimmed black float frame
  • Dimensions (framed): 31″ x 31″ x 1.5″
  • Artist’s label and signature on back of painting.
  • Cleated on the back in a fashion that the painting hugs the wall.
  • Ready to hang and enjoy.

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I’ve long resisted creating political or societal themed artwork, but as events have unfolded I realized that I didn’t have anything that could even remotely be interpreted as sending some kind of message  – if only clued by the title.

This piece is the 2nd variation on imagery that could once have been a finely balanced see saw that has now been disrupted. Part of my Submergence exhibition at Archway Gallery.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 31 in