Shipping & Return Policy

Too Hot or Too Cold Forecasts

Due to the risk of encaustics cracking in too cold temperatures and melting in too hot conditions I will not ship while the forecast for your city dips below freezing or rises above 90 degrees F during the transit period. Understand that once I hand the package over to the shipping company I do not have any control of the package sitting in a truck for extended periods putting the paintings at risk.

Shipping & Packaging

Once you have successfully purchased an original artwork on my website, I will begin preparing all of the documents, acquiring shipping materials and packaging your artwork. This process takes 1-3 business days, depending on size, my schedule and the degree of difficulty in packaging (such as overly large size, weight, or irregular shaped works). Once the artwork is neatly packaged, I will ship it to you!

Understand that, like everyone else, I occasionally need a vacation. Or for other reasons I may be unable to tend to orders as soon as they occur. Best attempts will be made to put the website in ‘vacation mode’, alerting you via a bottom-of-the-page message that I am away. You can still place orders but understand that they will not be attended to until I conclude whatever it was that I was doing.


I use a variety of carriers depending on the location of the final destination, size and weight, time-frame, and other shipping factors. You can expect your artwork to be delivered via either FedEx, UPS, or USPS.  I will alert you via email as to the carrier, estimated shipping time, and your tracking number so that you can track your package as well. You are always welcome to reach out to me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions that you might have throughout the process.

Shipping Time

Once the artwork has been packaged and delivered/picked up by the carrier your shipping time will vary.  Shipping within the USA typically takes 1-3 business days, depending on the final destination. International shipping times vary, but usually take between 5 -7 business days, depending on final destination.  See the Too Hot or Too Cold Forecasts section above as this over-rides all shipping time commitments.

Shipping Outside the US / Duty & VAT Charges

I have not set a fixed shipping charge to countries other than the US since these can vary so widely. Please contact me so that a customized shipping and Duty/VAT calculation can be done based upon your location.

Return Policy & Refund

I am confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase!  However, if you are not for any reason, you have 7 days (one normal week) to initiate a return of the artwork in its original package. You must notify me via email or phone within this 7 day period, so I am aware that the return will be coming. I will refund the total amount you spent within 3 business days of receiving the artwork, minus the return shipping cost. You may also exchange your painting for another piece of equal or lesser value.  Note: Extra shipping charges may apply for exchanged artwork.


All the original artworks are insured for the value of the sale during the shipping (the shipping cost includes the insurance).


The majority of my ceramic and aluminum prints are fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), meaning that I bulk ship quantities of my prints to the Amazon warehouses where, if orders come through via, they are the ones doing the handling, packing, shipping, handling of issues, etc. This also has the benefit of these items qualifying for Amazon Prime with its free 2-day shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Some items I do handle the shipping myself as the orders are made (Fulfilled by Merchant FBM), in which case the Amazon terms and conditions still prevail.

If you have any issues with any item ordered through Amazon, you need to utilize the Amazon issue processes for the item so that they have a record of the process and my metrics.