Texas Elevation Map over West Texas on aluminum – Blue

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  • This is a 3D printed Texas elevation map mounted on an aluminum panel print. The map printed onto the panel is West Texas highways and cities. The 3D printed thermoplastic Texas is an adaptation of a Creative Commons licensed Texas Elevation Map, with the elevation exaggerated by a factor of 50 to better show the mountainous region in the far West. “TEXAS” is emblazoned by cutting text down into the 3D object.
  • It’s a beautiful wall accent.
  • Free shipping to US addresses.

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This is a 8″ x 8″ high-gloss ChromaLuxe aluminum panel with digital print imagery dye sublimated into the surface. The 3D printed thermoplastic element rises 5/8″ off the surface of the print. The panel itself is offset 1/2″ from the wall by mount spacers – a Keyholed 3″ x 4″x .5″ piece and 2″ x 2″ x .5″ block to level artwork. A mounting screw is provided, taped to the back for your convenience.

The artist’s signature is on the back (though not shown in the photos).

Free shipping to US addresses.