Winter – Take It Away Kid

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  • Encaustic and 3D-printed thermoplastic on birch panel in black float frame
  • Dimensions (framed): 19″ x 25″ x 1.5″
  • Artist’s label and signature on back of painting.
  • Wired on the back in a fashion that the painting hugs the wall.
  • Ready to hang and enjoy.

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I had played the piano from about the 4th grade, but it wasn’t until I got into high school that I joined any formal music group. I took a music theory class led by the orchestra conductor and he wanted to put me in the orchestra. Since there were no real parts for piano I was put into the percussion section joining Yvonne. Yvonne played the tympani and I got left with the junk as I called it — triangle, cymbals, etc. Not stuff you played continually. I sat there, counting my rests, admiring the first violins who were always playing and imagined myself on the violin.

A select group of strings were practicing was the first movement of Vivaldi’s Summer from his Four Seasons. I want to say that this piece was the one that motivated me most to take up violin. So I borrowed a violin and in my first year of community college joined the local symphony orchestra, seated in the last row of the 2nd violins section, but none the less playing through a lot of the classics.

In rendering this into a painting, I found that the Winter movement was a better fit with my bare trees. The score in the lower right is the opening violin solo.

I also wanted to accentuate depth in the painting, so this has image transfers of bare trees buried under less and less layers of encaustic, with the final image a 3D printed rendition mounted on the surface.

This piece was selected for exhibition in the Visual Arts Alliance’s 33rd Membership Exhibition.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 25 × 19 in