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Archway Gallery

I am thrilled to have been accepted as a member artist at Archway Gallery.  It is a 30-member artist co-op — Houston’s oldest artist-owned and operated gallery.

My initial installation I have titled “Playing all my cards”.

I spent untold hours growing up in the 60s and 70s playing cards.  Solitaire, hearts, spades, pinochle, old maid, gin rummy, mille bornes, etc, etc.  One big assignment for a computer science class at ISU was to program a game of solitaire (in FORTRAN if I remember).  Later I got into playing bridge, competitively for a short time.

Taking this influence from my past, mixing in some of my spinning technique, and adding a nod to the game strategy that is a certain aspect of today’s art business, I came up with the title “Playing all my cards”.

This will be my primary exhibit through November, so stop by Archway Gallery for a closer look.  They are at 2305 Dunlavy St, 77006, which is a little north of Westheimer, in the Montrose, just west of the Westheimer curve.