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Ink, Image, and Mannequins




Pearl, 12″x9″, $300
Ginger Minj, 12″x9″, $300
Violet Chachki, 12″x9″, $300

I have three pieces at the front of Archway Gallery in June for our “INK&IMAGE 2015” exhibition.

IMG_20150601_090529[1]My pieces were all created by pressing ink through or over cardstock cutouts onto rice paper which was then adhered to gessoed birch panels. Tinted or un-tinted encaustic media was then layered over the work, fusing with a blowtorch, buffed to a high gloss, then mounted onto custom-made float frames.

Titles were reflective of my having to whittle down from a dozen raw prints to a Top Three for this show at the same time “RuPaul’s Drag Race” was about to crown its winner from their own Top Three drag queens with colorful names: Pearl, Violet Chachki, and Ginger Minj.


Mannequins at the leatherbar: It’s still early, 12″x9″, $300
Mannequins at the leatherbar: Thruple, 6″x6″, $100
Mannequins at the leatherbar: Let’s dance, 18″x24″, $750
Mannequins at the leatherbar: Thruple, 12″x9″, $300
Mannequins at the leatherbar: Quadruple, 6″x6″, $100

For my back wallspace at Archway Gallery I put up all my remaining Mannequins at the leatherbar series in celebration of Pride Month.