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Periodic Conversation in Spanglish

At the annual Bunnies On The Bayou shindig in Houston this year, I noticed a couple of guys (ok they were bears) wearing T Shirts that had ‘Be’ and ‘Ar’ from the periodic table.

It got me to wonder what other words or phrases could you put together.  First I started looking at the periodic table and manually trying to put together cute words that came to my head.  Then I tried a Google search, hoping someone had already come up with every last word and phrase.  I found a couple, but none of the words were particularly stellar.  (I might do a Canabis at some point.)

But then I thought of a few words in Spanish, and soon had some full phrases put together.   Devising the framing to accompany these was also a nice diversion.

So here is the piece I call “Periodic Conversation in Spanglish”.


HoLa, 6″x12″, SOLD
?CoMo EsTa?, 12″x12″, $550
OMg, 6″x12″, $250
EsCaNdAlO, 6″x30″, NFS