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Encaustic Vermiculite birds trees basswood
January 2015 Archway Gallery exhibit

(upper left) “Foggy flight”, 11″x15″, encaustic, SOLD
(lower left) “Foggy flight 2″, 11″x15”, encaustic, $400
(center) “Basswood basement”, 24″x18″, encaustic & vermiculite, SOLD
(upper right) “Basswood on spiraling nuggets”, encaustic & vermiculite, $300
(lower right) “Basswood in molten rockfield”, encaustic, $300

The theme of my January 2015 exhibit at Archway Gallery is trees, birds, and vermiculite.

I came across vermiculite as an encaustic art additive by watching Andy Braitman’s instructional videos on YouTube.  I found some at the local Lowe’s hardware store.  I knew if it didn’t work out I could always toss the remainder in the garden.

My first piece using vermiculite was Mr Koi.  Then I used it again in Spanish Moss Tree before setting it aside for awhile.

When I returned to the tree theme I reemployed it in two pieces:  “Basswood basement” (center painting above), and “Basswood on spiraling nuggets” (upper right).  Those two plus “Basswood in molten rockfield”  have smooth-as-glass upper sections with image transfers of basswood trees over lower sections in which the encaustic is built up and left rugged.

The artwork on the left both depict birds in flight near a lone tree.  “Foggy flight” (upper left) is mono-color with the birds under numerous layers of encaustic, giving a very foggy vibe.  “Foggy flight 2” (lower left) has fewer layers of encaustic and uses a full-color tree.

“The tree of life” by Erna de Vries

Those that follow me on Pinterest may recognize that “Basswood basement” was inspired by “The Tree of Life” by Erna de Vries.  Here is her original:

All are available and on exhibit at Archway Gallery Jan 2 through Feb 5, 2015.