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You’re not going to throw that away, are you?

Frame pinwheel – 6×6″ mixed media encaustic

My earth-conscious friends would be appalled at the amount of paper towels this endeavor consumes.  But I am re-purposing all the pine shelving that has been stored in the attic of the garage for 20 years — making my own frames stands for my pieces.  In fact as I looked at my scrap wood from the frames I saw I could piece them together into a pinwheel.  So I stained, glued, and put a polyurethane top coat on a set of four, then embedded in plain encaustic.  This was my first mixed media 3-D piece.

Birthday bag – 6×6″ mixed media encaustic

Another encaustic artist I like with high Google visibility is Lisa Kairos.  Inspired by her paper strip encasing I intercepted a birthday gift bag that was headed for the trash, sliced it up, and put it down on plain encaustic.  It also went through the resin topcoat factor for a glass shine.

Etchings – 6×6″ encaustic & resin

In researching encaustics on the Internet, one thing you hear is that if you don’t like something, just pull it up or scrape it off and start over.  This piece started off as the background for one of my guillochés but the color was off and ran badly over and under the image.  So I ripped out the graphic, put down several coats of plain encaustic and etched out some random lines with a small screwdriver. The blocks at the bottom right and middle-upperish left were pulled up and flipped over.   A resin topcoat is added.