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VROOM – 9″x12″ Mixed media encaustic/foil

Houston hosts an epic art festival every year in Memorial Park.  I attended this year twice.  The Friday visit was nice because it was quiet before the madness and I got to engage with a number of the artists.

A lot of the photographers were printing on aluminum.  That is something I wanted to try, but my normal-sized inkjet printer a) is not big enough to handle anything wider that 8″, and b) it does not have a flat feed in for rigid objects.

I Googled to find a few demos of printing on aluminum foil.  Two conditions were that you first needed to prep the aluminum with a solution that will grab the ink, and second you needed to tape your foil to a standard piece of paper in order for it to run through the printer.

This is a head-on shot of my 1964 MG Midget which, by the way is running wonderfully in this fine Houston weather we are having, thank you.  I photoshopped out the background and changed the license plate tag to something a little more evocative of the need for speed.

It is glued down to an encaustic background and topped with a coat of resin.