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Maestro if you please

Maestro if you please – 12″x9″ Mixed Media encaustic – SOLD

Last year a question on social media made the rounds:  x number of things that nobody knows about you.  I’ll have you know that I played violin in both the Fort Dodge and Iowa State University symphony orchestras!  Ok, I was way, way in the back of the 2nd violin sections.

I had grown up taking piano lessons, and for some reason didn’t get involved with the school music departments until my later years of high school.  The high school orchestra put me in the percussion section where an occasional piece let me play the xylophone.  Otherwise I was playing all the ‘junk’ — the triangle, tambourine, cymbols, etc.  Yvonne was the other member of the percussion section and she got the high profile tympani.

Anyway I was just fascinated by the violins and so soon started taking violin lessons.

Mr Huffman was the orchestra leader of the high school and local city symphony, and looked the part — sort of a Vincent Van Gogh.

So here is my nod to Mr Huffman conducting what must be in everyone’s repertoire, Beethoven’s Fifth.

The sheet music is a image transfer of a jpg  I pulled down from an Internet site library of public domain sheet music.  The conductor’s baton I got from Amazon, sanded down to lie flat, and embedded in resin.