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I’m just trying to be transparent here


Inkjet printing on transparency film is the subject of these two pieces.

IMG_20140307_131947944[1]Springtime in Houston yields an abundance of floral beauty.  I snapped a photo of a neighborhood redbud with my smartphone and cropped out all the power lines and sky with photoshop, then printed it on transparency film, wanting to see how well the transparency film became invisible encased in encaustic, showing the full view of the underlying encaustic-painted sky.  Could I avoid tedious scissor work?

I paired it with an image transfer of text snagged off Wikipedia.

To me the color printing on the transparency lost a lot of its vibrancy.  And I should not have chopped off the image so obviously.

And I learned that once you have a finger print or smudge on the transparency, just throw it away.  Windex destroys it.  Best to use latex gloves.

SnapdragonIMG_0560Next came a photo from some of the snapdragons blooming in my front yard.  I attempted a green screen — well cheap red plastic table covering actually, supported by tomato cage wire — to help with the photo masking in photoshop.

It came out much better, and went on to get the full resin topcoat treatment.

I subsequently ordered a green screen fabric off Amazon.