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Variations on a white rose

12" x 12" mixed media encaustic on plywood
Variations on a white rose – 12″ x 12″ mixed media encaustic

IMG_20140323_153258063[1]The inspiration for this piece came from a centerpiece at an anniversary party for a couple of our friends, combined with a dose of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe heaped in.

Here is the original photo I took with my smartphone.

Using Photoshop I removed all the background imagery.  I didn’t want to deal with any background interference from my encaustic background so I printed the image on my inkjet and glued it onto aluminum foil.  I ironed it then burnished it into a 6×6 panel which I had created a yellow background.

For the remaining panels I let photoshop show off its prowess with its built-in filtering.

The upper right is a mosaic filter.
The bottom left is a saran wrap filter.
And the bottom right is the bas relief filter.

I then mounted all four pieces onto MDF board and put on a couple topcoats of resin.

I will be framing it in the coming days.