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Yard art

GASLAMP – 6×6″ mixed media encaustic

IMG_0580The gas lamp in my front yard was the inspiration here.  Here is the original photo which I photoshopped out the background.  I then did an image transfer to encaustic background and added an intarsia flame.  Topcoated with resin.

Mr Sun – 6×6″ mixed media encaustic

IMG_0578In the gardens we have a couple of these metal/glass prism stakes.  I again ran my photo through photoshop to strip out the background, then did an image transfer – this time to an abstract color mix covered with layers of plain encaustic.  I then etched out the layers of plain encaustic to reveal the base.

The center face I printed on inkjet paper and glued to aluminum foil, then encased in encaustic.  A resin topcoat is added.