You spin me right ’round baby right ’round

My 3rd place win at Archway Gallery’s show inspired me to create more pieces that spun an image round and round (like a record, baby).

Red Wine Guilloche
Red Wine Guilloche (18″ x 18″) $600

My next piece, Red wine guilloche, took the spinning to the extreme:  twelve image layers with two encaustic medium layers between each.  Atop that I etched out a string art effect and colored using oil stick.  This is also my first piece successfully using color image transfers vs black & white.

Tchoupitoulas (12″ x 12″) SOLD

Getting back to my New Orleans-ish flourish themes, I next made Tchoupitoulas, just four multi-color image transfer layers.  For this I managed just a single encaustic layer between each, giving a subtle transparency between layers.

Spin the bottle
Spin the bottle (12″ x 12″) SOLD

Spin the bottle is a variation on the earlier red wine piece, with eight image layers separated with single encaustic layers.  I was really happy with the result of this and here my black float frame really makes this piece pop.  I have gotten several reactions that people first think it is a red flower until they recognize the wine bottle and glass.

Girando el muerto
Girando el muerto (12″ x 12″) SOLD

Finally, Girando el muerto (spinning the dead) is a nod to the approaching Dia de los Muertos.

All of these pieces are on exhibit at Heights Art Studio & Gallery through early December.